Here you can listen to some of my Edison Diamond Discs and 78s! Please enjoy!

Edison Diamond Discs:

Play "Flanagan and His Motor Car"
R 2066-C-2-4 1912.12.24 Flanagan and His Motor Car (Vaudeville Specialty with Orchestra) Steve Porter

Play "Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile"
L 3767-C-3-23 1915.05. Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile--A Rural Monologue (Cal Stewart)

Play "Asleep In The Deep"
R 4017-B-2-2 [1-1] 1915.07.26/9 Asleep In The Deep (Petrie-Lamb) (Bass and Male Chorus with Orchestra) William Myers

Play "The Whistler And His Dog"
R 4983-B-4-3 1916.09.01/9 The Whistler And His Dog (Arthur Pryor) New York Military Band

Play "Le Régiment de Sambre-et-Meuse"
L 6427-C-8-40 1918.10.23/8 Le Régiment de Sambre-et-Meuse (French National Défilé March) (Robert Planquette) New York Military Band

Play "Let Us Not Forget - A Message To The American People"
Play "National Airs of the Allies"
R 6540-A-2-91 1919.01.02 Let Us Not Forget - A Message To The American People by Thomas A. Edison [announcement by male speaker]
L 6509-C-3-21 1918.12.16/23 National Airs of the Allies - New York Military Band

Play "Oh Helen!"
R 6542-C-9-43 1919.01.02 Oh Helen! (McCarron-Morgan) Baritone and chorus with orchestra - Arthur Fields

Play "The Four Jacks March"
L 7404-C-3-3 1920.06.1 The Four Jacks March (Abe Losch) Accordion Solo - Frosini

Play "Margie"
R 7755-A-4-6 1921.01. Margie (Conrad-Robinson) (Tenor and mixed voices with orchestra) Harvey Hindermyer

Play "Grandfather's Clock"
L 3278-A-1-7 1914.09. Grandfather's Clock (Henry Clay Work) Contralto, Tenor and Chorus - Helen Clark and Walter Scanlan

Play "Louisville Lou"
Play "The Duck's Quack"
R 9021-C-4-5 1923.06.11 Louisville Lou – Fox Trot (Milton Ager) Paul Victorin's Orchestra
L 9022-A-4-2 1923.06.12 The Duck's Quack (A Barnyard Jazzboree) (Hannibal Maguire) Fox Trot (Imitations by Gilbert Girard) Kaplan's Melodists

Play "Baby Sister Blues"
R 9512-A-4-6 1924.05.13 Baby Sister Blues - Intro: "Honolulu Hula hula Heigh!" (Henry I. Marshall) Soprano and Contralto Duet - MacDowell Sisters

Play "Ukulele Lady"
Play "Don't Bring Lulu"
R 10338-A-1-11 1925.04.28 Ukulele Lady (Gus Kahn & Richard A. Whiting) Male Voices - Arthur Hall And John Ryan
L 10341-B-1-6 1925.04.29 Don't Bring Lulu (Billy Rose, Lew Brown & Ray Henderson) Billy Jones And Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys)

Play "Collegiate"
R 10451-A-4-2 1925.06.23 Collegiate - Novelty Fox Trot with Vocal Chorus (Lew Brown, Moe Jaffe & Nat Bonx) Golden Gate Orchestra

Play "Ann And Her Little Sedan"
L 10636-A-1-2 1925.10.14 Ann And Her Little Sedan (James F. Hanley, Jack Stanley & Henry Creamer) Phil Baker And His Accordion (A Bad Boy From A Good Family)

Play "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue"
L 10693-B-1-4 1925.11.24 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?) Fox Trot with Vocal Chorus (Lewis, Young and Ray Henderson) Golden Gate Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by [Arthur] Hall and [John] Ryan

Play "Wimmin Aaah"
L 10839-A-1-4 1926.02.19 Wimmin Aaah! (Bud Green, Harry Warren, and Dan Dougherty) Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys)

Play "The Big Bass Viol"
R 11300-B-1-3 1926.11.12 The Big Bass Viol (M. T. Bohannon) Basso - Gus Reed

Play "Dainty Miss"
Play "When You're In Love"
R 11964-A-1-6 1927.10.18 Dainty Miss--Novellette (Bernard Barnes) Murray Kellner's Dinner Music Ensemble
L 11965-C-1-6 1927.10.18 When You're In Love--Valse Sentimentale (Walter Donaldson & Walter Blaufuss) Murray Kellner's Dinner Music Ensemble

Play "My Blue Heaven"
Play "The Calinda"
R 11986-A-1-1 1927.10.27 My Blue Heaven - Fox Trot (George Whiting and Walter Donaldson) Al Friedman And His "Yoeng's" Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Vaughn De Leath
L 11933-G-2-11 1927.10.25 The Calinda - Fox Trot From "A La Carte" (Herman Hupfeld) Louis Lilienfeld With His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra

Play "When Day Is Done"
Play "Just A Memory"
R 18025-C-1-3 1927.11.10 When Day Is Done (B. G. DeSylva & Dr. Robert Katscher) The Edisonians [B. A. Rolfe and orchestra]
L 18026-D-1-3 1927.11.10 Just A Memory (B. G. DeSylva-Lew Brown-Ray Henderson) The Edisonians [B. A. Rolfe and orchestra]

Play "Ev'rybody Loves My Girl"
Play "Oh! Lucindy"
R 18144-B-1-6 1927.12.29 Ev'rybody Loves My Girl (Sam Lewis-Joe Young-Maurice Abrahams) The Rollickers
L 18143-A-1-6 1927.12.29 Oh! Lucindy (Thekla Hollingsworth-Jessie L. Deppen) The Rollickers

Play "Soldiers' Chorus"
Play "Pilgrims' Chorus"
R 18047-H-1-4 1928.01.04 Soldiers' Chorus - Faust (Ch. Gounod) Male Voices - Edison Male Chorus
L 18048-C-2-2 1927.11.19/22 Pilgrims' Chorus - Tannhauser (Richard Wagner) Male Voices - Edison Male Chorus

Play "Mary Ann"
Play "Without You Sweetheart"
R 18119-H-1-6 1928.01.07 Mary Ann (Benny Davis and Abner Silver) Tenor - Walter Scanlan
L 18118-H-2-5 1928.01.07 Without You Sweetheart (B. G. De Sylva-Lew Brown-Ray Henderson) Tenor - Walter Scanlan

Play "When You're With Somebody Else"
Play "Ramona"
R 18243-C-1-5 1928.02.17 When You're With Somebody Else (Fox Trot with Vocal Chorus) (L. Wolfe Gilbert-Ruth Etting-Abel Baer) The Florida Four
L 18244-B-1-5 1928.02.17 Ramona - Waltz with Vocal Chorus (L. Wolfe Gilbert & Mabel Wayne) The Florida Four

Play "Have You Ever Been In Ireland In April"
Play "When I Build A Home Of Me Own"
R 18367-B-1-2 1928.04.04 Have You Ever Been In Ireland In April (George Spink) (Tenor) Walter Scanlan--Thompson B. Kerr at the Piano
L 18366-B-1-1 1928.04.04 When I Build A Home Of Me Own (Walter Scanlan) (Tenor) Walter Scanlan--Thompson B. Kerr at the Piano

Play "My Angel"
Play "Needing You"
R 18514-A-1-1 1928.05.18 My Angel (Angela Mia) (Lew Pollack-Erno Rapée) Tenor – Victor Hall
L 18515-B-1-1 1928.05.18 Needing You (Thekla Hollingsworth) Tenor – Victor Hall

Play "Two Lips"
Play "Just A Night For Meditation"
R 18626-A-3-1 1928.07.23 Two Lips (To Kiss My Cares Away) - Fox Trot (Rose-Warren) Al Friedman And His Orchestra - Theo Alban
L 18627-A-1-2 1928.07.23 Just A Night For Meditation - Fox Trot (Lewis-Young-Pollack) Al Friedman And His Orchestra - Theo Alban

Play "Take Your To-Morrow (And Give Me To-Day)"
Play "Sonny Boy"
R 18696-B-1-3 1928.08.31 Take Your To-Morrow (And Give Me To-Day) Fox Trot with Singing (Andy Razaf-J. C. Johnson) Piccadilly Players (Mel. Morris, Dir.)
L 18695-A-1-5 1928.08.31 Sonny Boy - Fox Trot with Singing (B. G. De Sylva-Lew Brown-Ray Henderson-Al Jolson) Piccadilly Players (Mel. Morris, Dir.)

Play "Bolero"
Play "Olé Las Mujeres"
R 18163-C-1-1 1928.01.11 Bolero (Paco Lucena) Rondalla Uzandizaga (Spanish String Ensemble)
L 18164-B-1-1 1928.01.11 'Olé Las Mujeres! Paso Doble (Oh Those Girls!) (M. Romero) Rondalla Uzandizaga (Spanish String Ensemble)

Play "William Tell Overture-Part 1"
Play "William Tell Overture-Part 2"
R 5576-C-1-1 1917.05.21/8 William Tell Overture-Part 1 [At Dawn & The Storm] (G. Rossini) Sodero's Band
L 5577-C-1-1 1917.05.21/8 William Tell Overture-Part 2 [The Calm & Finale] (G. Rossini) Sodero's Band

Play "Hallelujah Chorus"
R 4433-C-118 1916.01. Hallelujah Chorus--Messiah (Handel) Mixed voices with orchestra - Oratorio Chorus

Play "The Debutante--Caprice Brillante"
R 7682-C-4-8 1920.12.11/24 The Debutante--Caprice Brillante (Herbert L. Clarke) Trumpet with Orchestra - Edna White

Play "Prelude in C Sharp Minor"
R 6742-C-2-18 1919.04. Prelude in C Sharp Minor Op. 3 (Sergei Rachmaninoff) (Piano Solo) Sergei Rachmaninoff

Play "The Two Grenadiers"
Play "Explanatory Talk - The Two Grenadiers"
R 3746-C-5-3 1915.04 The Two Grenadiers (Schumann) Bass with orchestra - Arthur Middleton
L 3752-C-5-19 1915.05 Explanatory Talk - The Two Grenadiers Harry E. Humphrey

Cameo (CAM):

Play "Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie"
CAM 8114 2804-B Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie (Walter O'Keefe) Jack Kaufman - Comedy Song - Piano Acc. [1/1928]

Columbia Flag (COLF):

Play "Woodman, Spare That Tree"
COLF A1321 38539 Woodman, Spare That Tree (Berlin) Solo-Orch. Accomp. - Bert Williams, Baritone [1/7/1913]

Columbia Microphone (CPH):

Play "The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song)"
CPH 4105-F CA 21423 The Three Bells (Les Trois Cloches) (The Jimmy Brown Song) Vocal Sung In English - Reisfeld-Villard - Les Compagnons De La Chanson [1951]

Victor Black (VBBK):

Play "The Little Ford Rambled Right Along"
VBBK 17755-A The Little Ford Rambled Right Along (C. R. Foster-Byron Gay) Billy Murray - Comic Song with orchestra [mx: B-15755-1] [3/3/1915]

Play "Can You Tame Wild Wimmen"
VBBK 18515-B Can You Tame Wild Wimmen? (Andrew B. Sterling-Harry Von Tilzer) Billy Murray - Comic Song with orchestra [mx: B-22443-2] [12/2/1918]

Play "Rose-Marie"
Play "Dreamer of Dreams"
VBBK 19520-A Rose-Marie (from the Musical Play "Rose-Marie") (Harbach-Hammerstein-Friml) Jesse Crawford (Played on the Wurlitzer Organ) Pipe Organ Solo [mx: B-31192-4] [11/17/1924]
VBBK 19520-B Dreamer of Dreams (Gus Kahn-Ted Fiorito) Jesse Crawford (Played on the Wurlitzer Organ) Pipe Organ Solo [mx: B-31191-3] [11/17/1924]

Victor Scroll Black (VBKS):

Play "Minuet in G"
VBKS 20169-A Minuet in G (Paderewski-Wright) (Published by Carl Fischer) Victor Concert Orchestra - Rosario Bourdon, Conductor - Orchestra [mx: BVE-35811-1] [7/16/1926]

Play "St. Louis Blues"
VBKS 20357-A St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) Thomas Waller - Pipe Organ Solo [mx: BVE-36773-1] [11/17/1926]
Play "Tiger Rag"
VBKS 20647-A Tiger Rag-Fox Trot (Rag Tigre) (D. J. La Rocca) Charles Dornberger and His Orchestra [mx: BVE-38011-7] [5/10/1927]

Play "Lindbergh (The Eagle of the U. S. A.)"
Play "Like An Angel You Flew Into Everyone's Heart (Lindbergh)"
VBKS 20674-A Lindbergh (The Eagle of the U. S. A.) (Howard Johnson-Al Sherman) Vernon Dalhart - Tenor with orchestra [mx: BVE-38826-2] [5/23/1927]
VBKS 20674-B Like An Angel You Flew Into Everyone's Heart (Lindbergh) (Stone-McLaughlin-McHugh-Mills) Vaughn De Leath - Contralto with orchestra [mx: BVE-38782-2] [5/25/1927]
(These two songs were recorded 2 & 4 days after Lindbergh’s groundbreaking, historic NYC to Paris nonstop flight on May 20-21, 1927!)

Play "Deep River"
VBKS 20793-A Deep River (H. J. Burleigh) Paul Robeson - Bass with piano - Piano accompaniment by Lawrence Brown [mx: BVE-38418-5] [5/10/1927]

Play "I Wanna Be Loved By You"
Play "Is There Anything Wrong In That?"
VBKS 21684-A I Wanna Be Loved By You (From the Musical Play, "Good Boy") (Kalmar-Stothart-Ruby) Helen Kane - Comedienne with orchestra [mx: BVE-47539-3] [9/20/1928]
VBKS 21684-B Is There Anything Wrong In That? (Herb. Magidson-Michael N. Cleary) Helen Kane - Comedienne with orchestra [mx: BVE-47540-3] [9/20/1928]

Play "The Big Rock Candy Mountains"
VBKS 21704-B The Big Rock Candy Mountains (H. McClintock) Mac (Harry McClintock) Singing with guitar [mx: BVE-46454-2] [9/6/1928]

Victor RCA Black (VRCB):

Play "The Ferris Wheel-Fox Trot"
VRCB 27920-B The Ferris Wheel-Fox Trot (Fred Stryker) Alvino Rey and his Orchestra [6/2/1942]

12 Inch Victor Black (12VBL):

Play "Rhapsody In Blue-Part 1"
Play "Rhapsody In Blue-Part 2"
12VBL 35822-A Rhapsody In Blue-Part 1 (George Gershwin) (Arranged by Ferdie Grofé) Paul Whiteman and his Concert Orchestra (The Composer at the piano) [mx: CVE-30174-6] [4/21/1927]
12VBL 35822-B Rhapsody In Blue-Part 2 (George Gershwin) (Arranged by Ferdie Grofé) Paul Whiteman and his Concert Orchestra (The Composer at the piano) [mx: CVE-30173-8] [4/21/1927]

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